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Welcome to the wonderful world of glass pressing tools. This book is designed to help the beginner by explaining the basics of how the press tools work, demonstrating the process step by step and showing an efficient working set-up. It is also intended for the more advanced user with tips and tricks for using the tools and fixes for common pressing issues.

As you may find in your art, there is never just one way of doing something. The tutorials and suggestions in this book are intended as guidelines to use as you see fit. If you are more comfortable getting to a particular step in your own way, by all means, do it! Likewise, you are encouraged to use this book, and pressing tools in general, as a jumping off point for your own creativity. There is no rule that says the creativity has to stop after the pressing is done. Use the pressed surface as a canvas, and let your creativity soar beyond it!

Digital Imaging for Glass Beads
Struggling with getting good images of your beads?  Fret no more!

Programming Bartlett Controller for Chili Pepper Kiln
Annealing schedules and procedures for programming your Bartlett Controllerr for 104 coe glass

Denim Riveted Round Beads

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Amber Marquis Necklace
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Glass Amber Marquis Bead Free Tutorial
Step by Step Beads On-line, August 2007

Beading Daily August 2007
September 2007 

Acorn Beads
Glass Patterns Quarterly - Fall 2007

Ladder Beads
Glass Patterns Quarterly - Winter 2007

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Glass Art Magazine - October 2006
Article by Patricia Frantz

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